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How are you using real estate videography and social media to connect with a new generation of home buyers? ADP was tasked with creating personal branded digital marketing for Firefly Real Estate. FireFly agents were looking for a modern way to brand themselves as well as provide quality walkthroughs of their top tier listings. Agents were searching for a way stand out, build trust, and educate a new generation of home buyers in the greater Milwaukee area. 


The solution was using real estate videography and photography to build custom content and digital marketing strategies to stay true to the Firefly brand. We provided a mix of quality, engaging and educational video marketing and social media strategies. The goal was to build a personal brand for an agent to either build brand awareness, artistically express a top tier listing or advertise what makes Firefly so different from their competitors. 

Branded Real Estate Videography

We produce a cinematic real estate walkthrough that captures emotion and drives action. Katie from Firefly Real Estate required a walkthrough that captured the beauty and artistic expression the house provided.  

Personal Branded Content

The days of real-estate billboards and bus benches are being left in the rear view. Joey was searching for his personal brand as a real estate agent. We assisted in creating a strategy to connect and build trust with younger demographics in the greater Milwaukee area. The goal was simple connect with a new generation of home buyers. 

Once we understood his goal, we wanted to tailor a digital marketing strategy that incorporated video marketing, custom content creation and a message that provided value to his customers. We decided on creating a step by step process of what new home buyers should expect when buying a home. Joey needed to display his top qualities as a trustworthy, outgoing and reliable expert that anyone could reach out to with their real estate questions.

Video Playlist
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JOSEPH | Alpha Digital Pro
JOSEPH | Alpha Digital Pro
FireFly | Joey | Episode 1
FireFly | Joey | Episode 1
FireFly | Joey | Episode 2
FireFly | Joey | Episode 2
FireFly | Joey | Episode 3
FireFly | Joey | Episode 3
FireFly | Joey | Episode 4
FireFly | Joey | Episode 4

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